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FS-CIF13: equal CPM1-CIF11/CPM1-CIF12, for CS / CJ, CQM1H, CPM2C PLC

FS-CIF13 is the Peripheral port and RS232 to RS422/485 interface module for Omron PLC. Its function includes and even surpass Omron CPM1-CIF11 (peripheral port to RS422), CPM1-CIF12 (peripheral port to RS485), NT-AL001 (RS232 to RS422), 3G2A9-AL004-E (RS232 to RS422) module. It can directly use for CS / CJ, CQM1H, CPM2C series PLC, which eliminate the trouble that it needs CS1W-CN114 adapter when using CPM1-CIF11 or CPM1-CIF12. It can connect PLC peripheral port or RS232 communication interface (automatic identification), the output is RS422 (4-wire full-duplex) or RS485 (2-wire half-duplex). It’s no need an external power supply, communication distance can be up to 2 Km.
The following is the FS-CIF13 and Omron CPM1-CIF11, CPM1-CIF12 and NT-AL001 comparison:

The connection with PLC Peripheral port,RS232 Peripheral port Peripheral port RS232
The connection with computer RS232 No No RS232
Output RS422 and RS485 RS422 RS485 RS422
External power supply No No No Need an external power supply
Communication indicator yes No No No
The largest communication distance 2000m 500m 500m 500m
The largest group networks 32 32 32 32

Technical details:
1.Can connect peripheral port, RS232 serial port of PLC and RS232 serial port of computer and other devices
2. Output is the 4-wire full-duplex RS422 interface and 2-wire half-duplex RS485 interface
3.No need external power
4. Communication cable should choose sectional area of over 0.5mm 2 shielded twisted pair
5. The largest communication distance is 2,000 meters
6. The largest group networks is 32(the hardware of the product itself can support 128 stations)
7. The largest communication rate is 115.2 Kbps, adaptive baud rate
8. With transient voltage suppression, can withstand the power of up to 600 W transient over-voltage, and resist the impact of ±15KV electrostatic discharge
9. Work temperature: -20 ~ 70C
10. Installation: 35 mm standard rail installation and bolt hole installation
11. Dimension: 85 x 55 x 25