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PC/PPI: Siemens S7-200 PLC programming cable, replace 6ES7 901-3CB30-0XA0

New OEMSiemens S7-200 PC/PPI+ PLC Programmer Cable

If you need non- isolated cable, pls choose PC/PPI, you can click the following website for PC/PPI: PC-PPI,

The quality is guaranteed. It's tested before shippment.
optoelectronic isolated PC/PPI cable, support 10 bit and 11 bit modem communication, with communication indicator, automatically adjust the baud rate from 0 to 115. 2Kbps, the largest communication distance of up to 2 kilometers. Not support multi-master station communication. , 5M.

The OEM Siemens S7-200 PC-PPI+ Programming cable supportsfull range of Siemens S7-200 PLCprogramming. It is 100% good replacement for the expensive Simens cable..It's tested and proven on S7-212, S7-211, S7-214, S7-224, S7-224XP and it works as a standard Simens serial PC/PPI+ port.
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Accessories of Replacements

Orignal Siemens Model

Profibus BUS Connector(90without Program interface)


Profibus BUS Connector(90 with Program interface)


Profibus BUS Connector(35 without Program interface)


Profibus BUS Connector(35 with Program interface)


Profibus BUS Connector

6ES7 972-0BA50-0XA0

Profibus BUS Connector

6ES7 972-0BB50-0XA0

Profibus BUS Connector

6ES7 972-0BA52-0XA0

Profibus BUS Connector


Profibus BUS Connector

6ES7 972-0BB52-0XA0

Profibus BUS Connector

6GK1 500-0EA02

Profibus BUS Connector

6GK1 500-0FC00

Profibus BUS Cable

6XV1 830-0EH10

Profibus BUS Cable


Profibus BUS Cable


20-Pin front Connector


40-Pin front Connector


CP5611 Card


CP5611 Card


PLC Li-on Battery


PS307 Power supply 5A


PS307 Power supply 10A


PS307 Power supply 10A


DIN Track(830mm)


DIN Track(530mm)


DIN Track(480mm)


Hot-Plug Track(530mm)


The PC/PPI+ programming cable is the transformation electric cable from RS232 to the PPI connection (RS485), and it is suitable for Simens S7-200 series PLC and the TP170 touchscreen programming, the correspondence and the monitoring. It also supports the PPI agreement and the free mouth communication protocol, and can use MODEM (modem) through the telephone line to make a long-distance correspondence. Since the cable is isolated with the electro-optical and built-in anti-static, surge and other transient over-voltage protection circuit, it solves the problem that the communication I always burned easily well. And it is especially suitable for the long-term monitoring communications which are under the industrial site with a poor environment.
Main technical parameters:
Isolation voltage: 1000VDC(The maximum to 3000 VDC, orders required statement)
According to a transient voltage suppression. The RS485 port can withstand the power of up to 500 W transient over-voltage and lightning impact,the RS232 port and power circuit are equipped with surge protection to protect the circuit. The whole product can be arbitrarily charged plug.
Baud rate:0~115. 2kbps Adaptive(products available for sale since January 2008 )
The longest communication distance:2 km(Baud rate:9600bps per hour),1km(Baud rate:115. 2Kbps per hour)
With a power indicator light and the data received and sent indicator light
Temperature:-40~85'C(products available for sale since January 2008)
Dimension:103×50×26,The total length of cable is 5m.
The product structure:

PPI-RS485 plug

PC-RS232 plug


Signal explanation


Signal explanation


24V Power source negative(RS485 Logical place)


Receive data RD(Output from PC/PPI)


RS485 signal B(RxD/TxD+)


Send data SD(Send to PC/PPI)


24V Power source positive


Data terminal ready DTR


RS485 signal A(RxD/TxD-)


Ground(RS232 Logical place)


Agreement choice


Require to send RTS

Signals of PC-RS232 plugs and PPI-RS485 plugs
The use of products:

1, PLC and computer connections for the PPI or free Communication, programming:
Insert the PC / PPI + cable’s RS485 plug into the programming mouth of S7-200PLC and the RS232 plug into the computer’s RS232 port. Chose the corresponding number of the COM port. Switch the 10bit, 11bit selection switch to 11 bit. The baud rate of the PC/PPI+ cable is adaptive from 0 to 115. 2kpbs. There is no need to set that.
2, The long-distance communications between PLC and computer:
When having long-distance communications, the PC / PPI + requires additional external power and we should parallel 120Ωi end resistance n between the 3, 8 of RS485 plugs to eliminate signal reflection, as shown below:
3, long-distance communications between the PLC and computer via telephone lines:
You have to make a cross-adapter by yourself when you get the PC/PPI+’s RS232 port and the MODEM connected. Switch to the corresponding location according to the MODEM that it is 10 or 11.
10 bits MODEM refers: 1 outset bit, 8 data bits, no parity bit, and 1 stop bit(or 7 data bits, 1 parity bit). This kind of MODEM is comparative common on the market.
11 bits MODEM refers: 1 outset bit, 8 data bits, 1 parity bit (Occasionally bit check), and 1 stop bit.

The quality is guaranteed. It's tested before shippment. Not made by Siemens, OEM product as the replacement.

Package Includes:

OEM SiemensPC/PPI+PLC Programmer Cable X 1