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GOT1000 series.

Mitsubishi Graphic Operation Terminal GOT1000 Series
The GOT1000 delivers many competitive advantages.
The GOT1000 series offers six classes of terminals to fit any system or budget requirement.

GT16 Model


GT15 Model


GT14 Model


GOT1000:GT16 Model

GOT1000:GT15 Model

GOT1000:GT14 Model

  • High performance models with multimedia and a host of features and functions including embedded communications.
  • User memory capacity: 15MB/11MB
  • USB host and USB device ports are included.


  • Performance models ideal for a wide range of applications in a network or standalone environment.
  • User memory capacity: 9MB/5MB.
  • USB device port is included.


  • Standard model with advanced features and communication interfaces.
  • User memory capacity: 9MB
  • USB host and USB device ports are included.


GT10 Model


Handy GOT


Peripheral Equipment


GOT1000:GT10 Model

GOT1000:Handy GOT

GOT1000: Peripheral Equipment

  • Compact models with basic functions.
  • User memory capacity: 3MB/1.5MB/512KB


  • Extremely easy handling and operation in one hand.
  • User memory capacity: 15MB
  • USB host and USB device ports are included.


This section introduces communication units, optional units, options, and cables required to use the GOT1000 series HMIs.