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CPM2C Micro Controller

Fast, Capable and Compact
Omron is powerful CPM2C micro controller redefines the traditional micro PLC. The CPM2C is 33 mm width allows it to fit into small spaces, offers 119 instructions, and has processing speeds rivaling many small PLCs. The 20 I/O units with relay outputs are the smallest in the industry. Multiple communication options along with advanced motion control features enable the CPM2C to provide a powerful solution to virtually any small-scale control application.
  • Ultra compact design with 33 mm width
  • Built-in combination RS-232C/Peripheral port
  • Transistor Outputs expandable to 192 I/O (CPU + 5 Modules), Relay Outputs expandable to 180 I/O (CPU + 5 Modules)
  • Screw terminal, Fujitsu and MIL (flat ribbon) style connections
  • Connect high density MIL and Fujitsu models to Omron realy or terminal blocks for easy wiring and choice of I/O style
  • 4K Program memory
  • Synchronized pulse control allows synchronization of input devices to control devices
  • Up to 5 expansion I/O modules for up to 192 total I/O points
  • Optional Real-Time Clock
  • Multiple High-speed counter inputs
  • 10 kHz pulse outputs

Communication and Expansion

Serial Communication

Direct Connection to PC  Built in serial port allows direct connection to CPU
  • Combination cable provides 2 simultaneous ports (Peripheral / RS-232C) from one location
  • Connect directly to serial devices such as a printer, modem, or a bar code reader.
  • Download programs from a PC directly to CPM2C serial port
1:1 connection to other Omron PLCs allows CPUs to seamlessly share data
  • CPM2C-CIF01 adapter allows use of dual RS-232C ports

Peripherial Communication

Operator Interface and Programming console
  • Combination cable provides 2 simultaneous ports (Peripheral / RS-232C) from one location
  • Connect directly to Omron programming devices
  • Connect directly from the CPU's peripheral port to an Omron op­erator interface terminal with an XM2Z cable (NT21/31/631/20/ 600/11, NS Series)
  • Connect direct from the CPM2C CPU peripheral port to the NT2S using the NT2S-CN223-V1 and NT2S-CN224-V1
  • Connect to additional RS-232C adapter or RS-422 adapter


CPM2C System

Easy snap-on expansion
  • Connect up to 5 expansion modules for up to 192 total I/O points
  • Modular expansion allows addition of input, output or combination I/O modules.
  • 8, 10, 16, 20, 24 or 32 point modules available
  • Relay, or transistor expansion output modules
  • Analog I/O module (2 in, 1 out)
Temperature Sensor modules


Item CPM2C-10 CPM2C-20 CPM2C-32
Number of Inputs 6 12 16
Number of Outputs 4 8 16
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Operating Voltage Range 20.4 to 26.4 VDC
Power Consumption 4W max (changes depending on the CPU type)
Inrush current 25A max
Control method Stored program method
I.O control method Cyclic scan with direct output; Immediate refresh processing
Programming language Ladder diagram
Instruction length 1 step per instruction, 1 to 5 words per instruction
Types of instructions Basic instructions: 14
Special instructions: 105 instructions, 185 variations
Execution time Basic instructions: .64 ixsec
Special instructions: 7.8 ixsec
Program capacity 4,096 words
Timers/Counters 256 timers/counters (TIM/CNT 000 to TIM/CNT 255)
Types: 1ms, 10ms, 100ms, 1s, 10s, decrementing and reversible counters
Interrupt processing 2 Interrupts                                           | 4 Interrupts                          | 4 Interrupts
(Shared by external interrupt inputs (counter mode) and the quick response inputs)
High-speed counters Pulse plus direction mode (20kHz)
Differential phase mode (5Khz)
Up/down pulse mode (20kHz)
Increment mode (20kHz)
Interrupt inputs: increment or decrement mode (2kHz)
Pulse output (2 total) 2-pts with no acceleration/deceleration, 10 Hz to 10 kHz, no direction control
  • pt with trapezoid acceleration/deceleration, 10Hz to 10kHz, and direction control
  • pts with variable duty-ratio outputs (transistor output models only)
Clock Function Shows year, month, day of the week, day, hour, minute, and second Battery Backup)
The CPUs with “C1” in the part number have a built-in clock. (Not provided on CPU's with 32 I/O points.)
Memory Backup Flash Memory
Program, read-only DM area, and PC setup
Battery Backup:
Read/write DM, HR, AR, and counter values
Certification UL, CSA, CE, NK, Lloyd


CPU Expansion I/O Expansion I/O
Width 33 mm (1.30 in) 33 mm (1.30 in) 20 mm (.79 in)
Depth 65 mm (2.56 in) 65 mm (2.56 in) 65 mm (2.56 in)
Height 90 mm (3.54 in) 90 mm (3.54 in) 90 mm (3.54 in)
Models All Models CPM2C-8ER CPM2C-8EDM

Ordering Information

Part Number Nomenclature

CPU Connector Type Input Output RTC Part Number
Type Type
Relay Outputs Transistor Outputs
NPN (Sinking) PNP (Sourcing)
10 I/O points (6 IN
4 OUT)
Terminal Block 24
Relay No CPM2C-10CDR-D
Yes CPM2C-10C1DR-D
Fujitsu Transistor No CPM2C-10CDTC-D
Yes CPM2C-10C1DT1C-D
Yes CPM2C-10C1DT1M-D
20 I/O points (12 IN
4 OUT)
Terminal Block Relay No CPM2C-20CDR-D
Yes CPM2C-20C1DR-D
Fujitsu Transistor No CPM2C-20CDTC-D
Yes CPM2C-20C1 DTC-D
Yes CPM2C-20C1DT1C-D
Yes CPM2C-20C1DT1 M-D
32 I/O points (16 IN
16 OUT)
Fujitsu No CPM2C-32CDTC-D

CPM2C Expansion Units

Description Connector Type # Of I/O Input
Output Type Part Number
Input Output
Inputs Only I/O Connector 8 ... 24VDC CPM2C-8EDC
16 ... CPM2C-16EDC
8 ... CPM2C-8EDM
16 ... CPM2C-16EDM
Outputs Only I/O Terminal Block ___ 8 Relay CPM2C-8ER
I/O Connector ___ 8 Transistor, NPN CPM2C-8ETC
... 8 Transistor, NPN, MIL CPM2C-8ETM
... 8 Transistor, PNP CPM2C-8ET1C
... 8 Transistor, NPN, MIL CPM2C-8ET1M
... 16 Transistor, NPN CPM2C-16ETC
... 16 Transistor, NPN, MIL CPM2C-16ETM
... 16 Transistor, PNP CPM2C-16ET1C
... 16 Transistor, PNP, MIL CPM2C-16ET1M
10 I/O Points I/O Terminal Block 6 4 24 VDC Relay CPM2C-10EDR
20 I/O Points 12 8 Relay CPM2C-20EDR
24 I/O Points I/O Connectors 16 8 Transistor, NPN CPM2C-24EDTC
Transistor, NPN, MIL CPM2C-24EDTM
Transistor, PNP CPM2C-24EDT1C
Transistor, PNP, MIL CPM2C-24EDT1M
32 I/O Points 16 16 Transistor, NPN CPM2C-32EDTC
Transistor, NPN, MIL CPM2C-32EDTM
Transistor, PNP CPM2C-32EDT1C
Transistor, PNP, MIL CPM2C-32EDT1M

Power supply Module

Description Input Output Part Number
Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC 24 VDC/600 mA CPM2C-PA201

Dedicated I/O Module

Description Max Number of Units Input Output Part Number
Analog I/O Module 2 inputs
1 output
4 2 points, 2 words allocated 1 point, 1 word allocated CPM2C-MAD11
Sensor Module
2 thermocouple inputs 4 2 points, 2 words CPM2C-TS001
2 platinum resistance thermometer inputs 2 points, 2 words CPM2C-TS101
CompoBus/S I/O Link Module 8 input pts and 8 output pts for the built-in outputs and inputs ofthe Master Module 5 8 points, 1 word allocated (Inputs from the Master) 8 points, 1 word allocated (Inputs from the Master) CPM2C-SRT21
Up to 32 comm, components supporting the CompoWay/F protocol and temp controllers and digital panel meters supporting the SYSWAY protocol can be connected CPM2C-CIF21

Omron I/O Connectors

Description Part Number
24-pin soldered connector with cover C500-CE241
24-pin crimp connector with cover C500-CE242
24-pin pressure connector C500-CE243

Communications Port Connecting Cables

Item Description Part Number
Combination cable Converts CPM2C communications port to both Peripheral and RS232C (about 4”) CPM2C-CN111
Peripheral port cable Converts CPM2C communications port to Peripheral port (about 2”) CS1W-CN114
Peripheral port cable Converts CPM2C communications port to RS-232C port (about 2”) CS1W-CN118

Communication Adapters and Connecting Cables

Using this CPM2C port Name Description Part Number
Peripheral RS-232C Adapter Unit RS-232C Port (Din mount)
CPU’s peripheral port^Peripheral port + RS-232C port
RS422/RS-232C Adapter
RS422/RS232C adapter (Din mount)
CPU’s peripheral port^RS422 port + RS-232C port
Direct CPM2C CPU to NT cable NT21/31/631/20/600/11 and NS Series to CS1/CJ1/CQM1H/CPM2C peripheral port (2 m) XM2Z-200T-2
Direct CPM2C CPU to NT cable NT21/31/631/20/600/11 and NS Series to CS1/CJ1/CQM1H/CPM2C peripheral port (5 m) XM2Z-500T-2
Direct CPM2C CPU to
NT2S cable
NT2S-SF121 - to CS1/CJ1/CQM1H/CPM2C peripheral port (2 m) NT2S-CN223
Direct CPM2C CPU to
NT2S cable
NT2S-SF122- and SF123- to CS1/CJ1/CQM1H/CPM2C peripheral port (2 m) NT2S-CN224
RS-232C RS-232C Cable For 25-pin computer serial port (2 m) XW2Z-200S
For 25-pin computer serial port (5 m) XW2Z-500S
For a 9-pin computer serial port (2 m) XW2Z-200S-V
For a 9-pin computer serial port (5 m) XW2Z-500S-V

Programming Consoles and Cables

Description Part Number
Programming Console with 2m cable attached; connects directly to the peripheral port CQM1-PRO01-E
Programming Console (Requires separate cable) C200H-PRO27-E
Connecting Cable forC200H-PR027-E; connects directly to a Peripheral port 2 m length C20 0H-CN222
4 m length C20 0H-CN422
Connecting Cable for C200H-PR027-E allows direct connection to the CPM2C CPU Communications port 2 m length CS1W-CN224
4 m length CS1W-CN624
Connecting Cable used only from CPU's peripheral port to computer (D-sub 9 pin) 2 m length CS1W-CN226
6 m length CS1W-CN626


Item Description Part Number
CX-Programmer Jr. Windows based programming software for just microcontrollers WS02-CXPC1-EJR-V_._
CX-Programmer Full programming software package for all controllers WS02-CXPC1-EV_._