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Omron relays. For Heater Control, Three-phase Motors, Socket / Plug-in Type

For Heater Control

These Relays enable high-precision, high-frequency temperature control for reflow ovens, molding machines, and sintering ovens. Models are available with fault detection and cyclic control.

G3PJSolid State Relays for Heaters G3PJ

Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Single-phase SSR for low heat generation enables carrying 25 A (G3PJ-[]25B(-PU)) even for close mounting of three SSRs to contribute to downsizing of control panels. Models available with push-in input terminals.

G3PHHigh-power Solid State Relays G3PH

High-power, Load-control SSRs with High Current of 75 or 150 A and High Voltage of 240 or 480 VAC

G3PFSolid State Relays with Built-in Current Transformer G3PF

A New-concept SSR with Built-in Current Transformer. Heater Burnout and SSR Shortcircuit Failure Detection.

G3PE (Single-phase)Solid State Relays for Heaters G3PE (Single-phase)

Compact, Slim-profile SSRs with Heat Sinks. Models with No Zero Cross for a Wide Range of Applications.

G3PE (Three-phase)Solid State Contactors for Heaters G3PE (Three-phase)

Compact, Slim-profile SSRs with Heat Sinks. Solid State Contactors for Three-phase Heaters Reduced Installation Work with DIN Track Mounting.

G3PASolid State Relays G3PA

Extremely Thin Relays Integrated with Heat Sinks

G32A-BAC Input Unit G32A-B

AC Input Unit Enabling AC Operation

G32A-CVoltage Detection Unit G32A-C

Prevents G3PA Malfunction

G32A-DShort-circuit Units G32A-D

Allows 2-wire Switching of 3-phase Power

G3PCSolid State Relays with Failure Detection Function G3PC

Detects failures in SSR used for heater temperature control and simultaneously outputs alarm signal. This SSR supports the safe design of heater control systems, and contributes to maintenance improvements by the user.

G3NASolid State Relays G3NA

Wide Lineup of General-purpose Solid State Relays with Applicable Loads of 5 to 90 A

G3NESolid State Relays G3NE

Compact, Low-cost, SSR Switching 5 to 20 A

For Three-phase Motors

OMRON Solid-state Contactors provide smooth starting and stopping functions to suppress sudden motor operation and thus reduce mechanical stress. They are ideal for conveyor belts and other applications requiring smooth movement.

G3J-T-CSolid State Contactor for 3-phase Motors with Built-in Soft Start/Stop and Monitor Output G3J-T-C

New Models with AC Power Supply Input and Monitor Output Equivalent to Non-contact SPST-NO Join the G3J-T Series

G3J-TSoft-start/stop Solid State Contactors G3J-T

Soft-start/stop Function Starts and Stops Three-phase Motors Smoothly and Economically

G3J-SSoft-start Solid State Contactors G3J-S

Soft-start Function Starts Motors Smoothly and Economically

G3JSimple Solid State Contactors G3J

Solid State Contactors That Can Drive 3-phase Motors Frequently, and Achieve Harmonized Protection with Thermal Overload Relays

Socket / Plug-in Type

These Solid-state Relays have the same shape as OMRON's general relays such as MY, LY, MK, G2R and G7T, and are suitable for high-frequency switching, signal exchange with controllers, and other I/O applications.

G3RV-SRSlim I/O Solid State Relay G3RV-SR

Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Global standard size, low profile type slim I/O solid state relay with width 6.2 mm.

G3B / G3BDSolid State Relays G3[]-VDG3B / G3BD

International Standards for G3B Series,Same Profile as MK Power Relays

G3F / G3FDSolid State Relays G3[]-VDG3F / G3FD

International Standards for G3F Series, Same Profile as MY Power Relays

G3H / G3HDSolid State Relays G3[]-VDG3H / G3HD

New Models with International Standards Added to G3H Series (-VD in model number). Same Profile as LY1 and LY2 Bi-power Relays

G3TASolid State Relays G3TA

I/O SSRs That Mount to OMRON's G7TC I/O Block

G3FMSolid State Relays G3FM

100-μA-max. Leakage Current, No Bleeder Resistor Required

G3R-I/OI/O Solid State Relays G3R-I/O

SSR with Plug-in Terminals The Same Shape as the G2R-1-S Power Relays

G9HHybrid Power Relay G9H

Hybridization of a Magnetic Relay and an SSR Achieves 10-A Switching for 10 Million Operations.