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Omron relays. Solid State Relays. G9H

Hybrid Power Relay

Hybridization of a Magnetic Relay and an SSR Achieves 10-A Switching for 10 Million Operations.

Zero cross
Applicable output load
(See note.)
Rated input
Relay No Yes 5 A
100 to 240 VAC
5 VDC G9H-205S DC5
G9H-205S-US DC5
12 VDC G9H-205S DC12
G9H-205S-US DC12
24 VDC G9H-205S DC24
G9H-205S-US DC24
10 A
100 to 240 VAC
5 VDC G9H-210S DC5
G9H-210S-US DC5
12 VDC G9H-210S DC12
G9H-210S-US DC12
24 VDC G9H-210S DC24
G9H-210S-US DC24
Note: 1. The actual product is labeled "250 VAC."
2. For information on products that are certified for international standards, consult your OMRON sales

Accessories (Order Separately)

Connecting Socket Mounting Plate

Model Minimum quantity packaged (units)
PYP-1 10
PYP-18 1
Note: Order the models above in increments of the minimum quantity packaged.

Connecting Socket/Hold-Down Clips

Front-mounting Sockets Back-mounting Sockets
Socket PTF08A(-E) PT08 PT08-0 PT08QN
Hold-down Clip PYC-A1 PYC-P


Item Operating voltage Coil
Must operate
Must release
Power consumption
DC 5 V 4 to 6 VDC 104 Ω 4 VDC max. 0.5 VDC min. Approx. 240 mW
12 V 9.6 to 14.4 VDC 600 Ω 9.6 VDC max. 1.2 VDC min.
24 V 19.2 to 28. 8 VDC 2,400 Ω 19.2 VDC max. 2.4 VDC min.
Note: 1. The coil resistance is measured at a coil temperature of 23°C with a tolerance of ±10%.
2. Performance characteristic data are measured at a coil temperature of 23°C.


Model Applicable load
Rated load
Load voltage
Load current
(See note.)
Inrush current resistance
G9H-205S 100 to 240 VAC 75 to 264 VAC 50 mA to 5 A (at 55 ° C) 80 A (60 Hz, 1 cycle)
G9H-210S 50 mA to 10 A (at 55 ° C) 170 A (60 Hz, 1 cycle)
Note: The load current depends on the ambient temperature. For details, refer to Load Current vs. Ambient Temperature
in Engineering Data.


Model G9H-205S G9H-210S
Operate time 10 ms max.
Release time 1/2 cycle max. + 10 ms
Output ON voltage drop 1.6 V max. (RMS) (at 5 A) 1.6 V max. (RMS) (at 10 A)
Leakage current 5 mA max. at 250 VAC
Inrush current resistance 80 A 170 A
Temperature rise 50 ° C max. (rated voltage applied using resistance method)
Insulation resistance 100 M Ω min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength 2,000 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 min
Vibration resistance Destruction 10 to 55 to 10 Hz, 1-mm single amplitude (2-mm double amplitude)
Malfunction 10 to 45 to 10 Hz, 1-mm single amplitude (2-mm double amplitude)
Shock resistance
(See note.)
Destruction 1,000 m/s 2
Malfunction 100 m/s 2
Life expectancy Mechanical 10 million operations min. (switching frequency: 18,000 operations/hour)
Electrical 10 million operations min. (resistive load and switching frequency: 18,000 operations/hour)
Storage temperature - 25 to 70 ° C (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient operating temperature - 25 to 60 ° C (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient operating humidity 35% to 85%
Weight Approx. 25 g
Note: Value when excited.

Hybrid Power Relays


G9H Dimensions 2

Accessories (Order Separately)

Connecting Socket

Use the PTF08A (-E), PT08, PT08-0, or PT08QN.

Connecting Socket Mounting Plate (t =1.6)

Use a Mounting Plate when two or more Connecting Sockets are mounted side by side.

Types of Mounting Plates are available: the PYP-1 (for mounting one Unit) and the PYP-18 (for mounting up to 18 Units). The Mounting Plate for 18 Units can be cut to the desired length before use.
G9H Dimensions 5